Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Profile: Side Track Farm

Chris Jacobson and intern, Matt Didisheim

The Side Track Farm Logo

Side Track Farm is a small farm in Hartland, VT owned by Silas and Chris Jacobson. Silas and Chris are dedicated to using local resources to manage their farm, including manure from their own animals and local seeds when possible. They raise chickens, turkeys and goats and these animals contribute to the natural cycles at the farm. The chickens and turkeys help keep insect populations in check while the goats keep the pastures open and provide manure for fertilizer.

No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used at Side Track, and all of the produce is planted and harvested by hand.

Each week you'll find a variety of vegetables and herbs at the Side Track farm booth. Don't miss their tomatillos and alliums (garlic, garlic scapes, onions, etc.) which they are known for. My husband is a big fan of their dried black turtle beans. He insists that they are the best he's ever eaten! I love their edamame--the perfect snack for adults and kids alike.

Chris also makes charming flower bouquets, handmade paper, and pottery--all available at the Side Track Farm booth on Fridays at the Hartland Farmers' Market.

To learn more about Side Track Farm, their CSA and farm stand, stop by their booth this Friday and say hello. Don't forget to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey now, too, as numbers are limited!

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