Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Profile: Clay Hill Corners

Clay Hill Corners is a blueberry and vegetable farm owned by Carol Stedman and Marty Banak in Hartland, VT. This seven-acre farm has a high tunnel, a greenhouse, a small hoop house and many outdoor garden beds. A flock of Indian Runner ducks helps keep the insects at bay as Clay Hill Corners uses organic practices only.

Carol is famous for her spicy greens, a special mix of salad greens that includes mild lettuce and spicier greens such as arugula and mustard. In addition, Carol bakes homemade quiches using ingredients from her farm and other local ingredients from her friends and neighbors. Look for these specialties and other treats such as seasonal jams, pickles, honey, hummus, and granola at the Clay Hill Corners booth each Friday or visit the farm stand at 390 Clay Hill Road in Hartland.

To learn more about Clay Hill Corners and their CSA, stop by their booth at the market or visit their website.

Photos by Hannah Bright

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